Setting up new groups

How new groups get started…

We have a very wide range of groups, activities and short courses already up and running, many of which welcome new members; others are ‘in development’ and will start as soon as they have enough interested members and/or a group leader. But we always welcome ideas for new activities. The spirit of the U3A is one of the members offering to run – or help to run- interest groups for each other and new groups are being set up all the time.

A group can start as soon as there are enough interested members and following an informal meeting at which the members can chat about what they want from, and can offer to, the proposed group and its organisation. Every group needs a leader or coordinator but this role varies from group to group and necessary tasks are always shared between members.

Like to help set up a new group?

If you can’t find what you are looking for or can’t see a group that interests you, then think about whether you can help to get a new activity off the ground. Members often share the work among themselves. 
Please get in touch with Sarah Goodwin, New Groups Organiser, who will be happy to discuss your ideas, what you feel you can offer our U3A and/or what might be involved in setting up or helping with a new group. Sarah’s contact details are: 01937 586582