New activities

We are hoping to establish the following groups soon. If you are interested in joining any of them please get in touch with the named contact for more details and to join in the planning process -where and when the group meets, what goes on during the sessions etc..

New groups

Historic Houses 4

A new group has been formed. They have had a planning meeting and have drawn up an interesting programme.  If you would like to join them please contact the Group Leader, David Howe 573612 


We are still hoping to get a badminton group up and running.  We are very lucky to have a member, Graham Watson, a badminton coach who is willing to run the group and offer advice if it is wanted.  Graham is planning on using Tadcaster Leisure Centre which has three courts available and plenty of easy parking. Contact Graham at 


A new member is very interested in setting up a Drama Group. If you have previous experience or have always wanted to be involved with amateur dramatics please get in touch and I will pass on your interest.

Delia Wells  Groups Coordinator 541517

Coin collecting

We have two members keen to set up a coin collecting group. If you would like to join them, let me know.

Delia Wells  Groups Coordinator 541517

New courses


A six-week course will start on Thursday 28 February. Each session will be one hour starting at 12 noon.  There will be a charge of £18 to cover the cost of the courts and equipment. Please contact Connie Appelbe 585350