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  • Groups Treasurer – Volunteer needed

    Neal Priestland, who has done a super job for several years as Groups Treasurer, now wishes to stand down and hand over the reins.  So the Committee now needs to identify a successor to take over from Neal. Would you like to volunteer?

  • For more information about the role, please contact Neal on 01937 579045 or our U3A Treasurer, Clive Springle on 01937 572945.

  • Volunteers required for Committee and other roles

    Succession planning is crucial to ensure that our organisation continues to thrive. In the last newsletter I asked members to consider volunteering to replace committee members and group leaders when they finish their term of office or stand down.

    In response to that request, I am delighted that Richard Daniel has agreed to take on the role of Assistant Treasurer and Margaret Grant has volunteered to organise the 2019 anniversary lunch. Margaret has already been very busy making arrangements for the event which will take place on Wednesday 17 th April at the Bridge Hotel, Walshford.

    But we still need volunteers to fill the following positions which will become vacant in June 2019:

    • Business Secretary
      Membership Secretary
      Groups Coordinator
      Minutes Secretary
      Groups Treasurer

    It is important to fill these posts so we can continue to provide our large and growing membership with the wide range of activities and interests that we all enjoy, so please consider volunteering.
    For information about these specific roles, please contact me or any other member of the Committee.
    Brian Taylor – Chair 15 January 2019

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  • CYBER CRIME - how to protect yourself and your finances.

  • Just click the followong LINK (or the icon) to download the article written by Brian Taylor, the Chairman of Wetherby & District U3A.




  • Members of Wetherby and District UU3A can use a FREE legal helpline for advice on legal matters - perhaps a claim for n accident or a legal dispute. The service is provided by ARC Legal Assistance in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.
  • The helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Housing in Wetherby and District – A date for your diary - 6 th March 2019

    In the last newsletter I reported on the establishment of the ‘Better Wetherby Partnership.’ This alliance, made up of local organisations and local residents, was established a few months ago due to concerns about the high levels of house building taking place in the area and the impact this has on our town and community. In addition to the large scale house building that has taken place in Wetherby over recent years, further new houses are under construction, more have been approved, with even more subject to current planning applications.

    The town already has serious problems of traffic congestion, limited parking, road safety issues and air pollution. Local services such as schools, GP & dental services, social services and emergency services face significant pressures. Substantial new housing can only result in further pressure on our overstretched local services and infrastructure.

    Under the banner ‘Better Wetherby’ the organisation’s aim is to engage with the community in seeking a better approach to planning and development in the town and nearby villages. Members of the Partnership have been very active over recent months as the housing situation continues to evolve.

    To find out more about what is going on and how this affects you and your community, a public meeting has been organised by the Better Wetherby Partnership to update local people. The meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, 6 th March at Wetherby Methodist Church in Bank Street.

    Brian Taylor – Chair – Wetherby and District U3A 6 February 2019

    Housing in Wetherby and District - The Better Wetherby Partnership

    Considerable house building has taken place in Wetherby over recent years. A large number of new homes are currently under construction with many more subject to planning applications. The continuation of large-scale development will undoubtedly add to the existing serious highways problems of traffic congestion, road safety, parking, and air and noise pollution. Further pressure will be placed on already overburdened local services such as schools, GP and dental services, social services and emergency services.

    Local Ward Councillor, Alan Lamb, spoke about housing and various planning applications at a very well-attended U3A Current Affairs group meeting in April 2018. This meeting, followed a few weeks later by a public meeting convened by the Wetherby Civic Society, proved to be the catalyst for the establishment of the Better Wetherby Partnership (BWP).

    The BWP has been formed to bring together local organisations and individuals in an alliance for the development and promotion of a more coordinated approach to addressing housing issues. Participating organisations include: Wetherby Town Council; Wetherby Civic Society; Wetherby & Kirk Deighton Countryside Partnership; Wetherby High School Governors; Wetherby & District Medical & Dental Services; Wetherby & District Churches Together; and Kirk Deighton Parish Council.
    The BWP is not a NIMBY lobby group. It is non-political. The organisation fully accepts that some new housing, particularly more ‘affordable’ and reasonably priced homes, will be needed. It has no objection to sympathetic and sustainable development and seeks to promote a considered and responsible approach to new housing.
    The aim of the BWP is to ensure that the physical character of Wetherby and District is protected and developed for the benefit of current and future generations.

    Applications affecting Wetherby and surrounding villages

    On the 25 September 2018, despite receiving over 300 objections, Harrogate Borough Council Planning Committee approved an application by Stockeld Park’s agents to build 210 houses at the top of Spofforth Hill, on Harrogate’s side of the council boundary with Wetherby. This represented a total U-turn of the Committee’s emphatic decision to reject this application just six weeks earlier. The development is likely to have a major and negative impact on the town and nearby villages.

    Another with potentially serious consequences for Wetherby is an application by Taylor Wimpey to build a large residential development of 800 dwellings on green field land off Racecourse Approach near the race course (Leeds Planning Services Case No: 17/02594/OT). Other building applications are also being considered, with more anticipated.

    Action by Wetherby U3A

    After consultation with the U3A National Office, the Wetherby and District U3A Committee has agreed to support the aim of the BWP and endorse its efforts on behalf of the local community. It is understood that the BWP is planning to arrange a public meeting in the near future to update local people about the situation.

    Brian Taylor, Chair 586694 btu3awetherby@gmail.com





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