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There are lots of activities running and more planned for later in the year.
Why not look ahead to widen your interests and explore a new hobby or activity? ... Get more fun out of your life! .... Join us!
There's lots to choose from - both recreational and social activites (the walking groups are always popular) or perhaps try some more academic topics to keep the grey matter active.

Looking ahead: notes for your diary

27 June (Wednesday) our AGM - more details to follow when available

3 July 2018 (Tuesday) Volunteers Lunch at Kirk Deighton Village Hall. Details to follow when available.

10-15 June 2018 Holiday to Galway and the Aran Islands Details in the November Monthly memo or from Lesley Titchmarsh 581802 lesley.titchmarsh@btinternet. com

13 October (Saturday) Welcome to Wetherby event.
In collaboration with the Wetherby Festival, the Welcome to Wetherby team is putting together a varied programme of events during the day at a number of venues, to showcase just what a lot the Town has to offer. Places such as the Fire Station and Police Station will be open to the public between 10 am and 3 pm. The Town Hall will be open, much as it was for the Tour de Yorkshire Day last year, with various displays from local organisations, including U3A.

Looking back to 2010 .......How we started out.......

The Official Launch took place on Wednesday 28th. April 2010 at The Methodist Church, Bank Street, Wetherby. There was a steady stream of people arriving from 2 o'clock onwards to explore what activities were on offer.

The various tables displayed details of the activities and courses and they remained busy throughout the afternoon. When the last visitors had left and the clearing up was completed, we were able to take stock of some numbers:

  • We enrolled 177 new members
  • There was sufficient interest to be able to start 20 groups. A list of the current activities is shown on the ACTIVITIES page.
  • We took stock of the numbers for these groups and the group leaders subsequently brought together the members interested in their topic, for an informal get-together to plan the meeting days, the programme and so on.
  • Our sincere thanks go out to all the local organisations who helped publicise the launch by displaying our posters - and also to our friends at Wetherby's own radio station Tempo 107.4 for their support. Thank you all for helping to get us airborne.

April 2010. Publicity everywhere!

Posters, posters everywhere! Wetherby, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Clifford, Bramham, Linton, Collingham, East Keswick, Spofforth and more!
Thank you to all the local shops, venues and others who helped publicise the U3A Wetherby & District. Thanks also to our friends at Tempo Radio 107.4 for your announcements.
Together, you helped get us off the ground. Thanks!

23rd. March 2010 at The Methodist Church, Bank Street

The pre launch meeting held in the Methodist Church in Bank Street saw a turnout of around 140 people and the enthusiam in the room was quite evident. Visitors came from Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Clifford, Bramham, Linton, East Keswick, Collingham and Spofforth as well many from Wetherby itself.
The room was full of expectant faces and their enthusiasm for the launch of a U3A in Wetherby was obvious for all to see.
Following an informal presentation, most of those present filled in our brief questionnaire to tell us what group topics and activities they wanted to see available. ( You can find more about the group topics and activities that resulted on the following page. ACTIVITIES )

As a result of all the support and interest, the formal decision was taken to go ahead and form a U3A for Wetherby and the surrounding villages.