Open Meetings

Wednesday 26th September: Open meeting for members and guests.

Open Meeting for members and guests at Methodist Church Wetherby from 2.30 to 4.00 - The usual few announcements will be followed by this month's talk: Fool's Gold – Live song, story and visuals - followed by afternoon tea and biscuits in the Church Hall

This is one of our regular monthly meetings with a speaker, where you can:

  • listen to a speaker on a popular topic,
  • chat with members of some of the Groups to learn about their activities,
  • meet and chat with the committee members,
  • meet some of the group leaders and maybe join their group, if they are still recruiting new group members
  • enjoy tea or coffee in the company of other local U3A members
These meetings are free to all members. Guests and visitors are always warmly welcomed and there is a modest charge of £2 to help cover the hire of the hall and tea or coffee (refunded if you decide to join us on the day - which we hope you will).

Future meetings:

At each of our regular monthly meetings, there will be a speaker on a popular topic. Please check back to this page - the details are updated regularly. I

  • Wednesday 26 September - Fool's Gold – Live song, story and visuals
  • Wednesday 31 October - Bedpans and False Teeth 47 Years in the NHS A talk by Denise Adlard
  • Wednesday 28 November Trevor Higginbottom "China - all our futures”
  • Wednesday 19 December - details to follow when available
  • thereafter - the last Wednesday of each month. Details to follow as they become available.

Here are some of the topics covered in previous meetings :

Eric Forster gave us some interesting tales and insights into the world of antiques and especially things to look out for:-:
"Billies and Charlies - Fake Antiques"


David Hinchliff - HM Coroner West Yorkshire (East) - talked about "Sudden and violent death"   and revealed some fascinating facts and anecdotes about unusual deaths in Yorkshire.


Hoaxes and Frauds, a Chronicle of Ruses - A talk by Nicola Down. A lighthearted look back at some of the more famous con tricks in UK and US history - including the sale of the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal and the sale of London Bridge. Unbelievable but true.....

Our speaker was Keith Lister, a seasoned traveller who took us on a journey through Norway to Lapland and North Cape, returning through Finland. "The Land of the Midnight Sun"

History and Traditions of Punch and Judy.
Violence for kids? We've all seen it as children, but perhaps a bit of history would reveal more about how it all started.
A talk by Les Clarke.


Chimney Pots and Stacks – Crowning Glory

A talk by Jackie Depelle


Ken Humphries "The World of Andrew Lloyd Webber".

Always an entertaining speaker, Ken shared with us his passion and knowledge of Andrew Lloyd Webber's many shows and popular music - with vocals and musical accompaniment.

Michael Brown presented a humorous talk called: " A funny thing happened on the way to the Police Station". (Tales of an amusing police career)


Thrills & Spills of my Life in Television
An amusing and entertaining talk by Nicola Down.

Hatched, Matched and Dispatched: Some Yorkshire Customs -
a talk by Maurice Taylor

Occupiers of Wetherby : A talk by Ian Leadley

Ever wonder about the history of Wetherby? Who lived in the different shops and businesses that occupied the buildings. Some of the buildings have had lots of different owners and trades, some just a few. Things have changed in Wetherby, often linked to technological progress or tastes in fashion.
Ian Leadley had many interesting facts and figures relating to shops and other buildings in our town over the last 80+ years.

Rubbish - Collecting domestic antiques. A talk by Eric Forster

Many items that were very common and in many households when we were young have now become collectors' items, much sought after by younger people who wonder at their construction and how they were used. Web sites like eBay are full of people bidding for things that we would have thrown out just a few years ago - but now........ We heard Eric Forster's talk about collecting domestic antiques. Maybe there are some hidden treasures in your attic.....

Innkeepers Tales by Frank Flaherty. Frank managed the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate for a number of years (23 to be exact!). This splendid Victorian hotel is situated right next to the Exhibition Halls and the Conference Centre. So it is a particular favourite for people spending several days away from home and family while working at the exhibitions or conferences in Harrogate. Time for mischief and .......well..... Frank spilled the beans on some of the things that happened right under his nose.

A (cycle) journey along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal - a poor man's Michael Palin.

Alan Pugh shared some hilarious stories from his experiences of cycle journeys along the canal towpaths in all weathers and conditions - and the characters he met along the way.

Tony Birkett related some of his experiences of working at RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) in a talk called : RBS, Credit Crunch & Me.
RBS is now owned by H M Government after the bailout of Autumn 2008. RBS was the largest and most spectacular of the UK banks which got into serious difficulties just a few years ago.

Open meeting for members and guests.
The Speaker was John Luckett who presented an amusing and lighthearted look at public libraries, called: "ACID-FACED VIRGINS".

It was based on the speaker's own experiences of people and situations while working for Leeds City Libraries.