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THIS PAGE IS UPDATED REGULARLY - please excuse any typos and errors- and come back again soon, because we add more information on a regular basis.
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Friendship and Support Group

This group aims to bring together people who, for various reasons are single, or perhaps no longer part of a ‘fully functioning' couple. Members meet and chat over tea or coffee with others experiencing circumstances similar to their own. Outings, lunches and other social activities will be arranged at these meetings. Couples will not be excluded.

If you live alone - perhaps as a result of bereavement, divorce or separation - this new group could be ideal for you.

This group now meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings at local venues at 10.30 for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. We hope to organise other activities. New members are most welcome.
Contact group leader Neal Priestland neal@ashbracken.com 01937 579045

The Weekenders

Weekends can be sometimes lonely and boring, especially when families and friends always seem to doing things and having fun. The Weekenders is a group of people who enjoy socialising, chatting, generally putting the world to rights and eating out.
We will be meeting on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and occasionally on a Saturday afternoon or evening as the mood takes us.
We are also considering having days or evenings out at events such as the races.

Glenis Shaw Tel: 07980 214130

Rhythm & Movement

Do you like to move to the beat? Do you need to improve your fitness?
Can you help to put routines together?

Lorraine formed the group because she believed in getting members together to exercise in a fun way. We look forward to welcoming new members to join a jolly band of ladies exercising to music of the 60s 70s and 80s in order to get those joints moving in a friendly way. Come along and try it.....

The group meets in Collingham Memorial Hall on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month 10.30-11.30 noon
Group Contact : Lorraine Wilsdon 845424 ericwilsdon@msn.com

Folk Dancing

Are you interested in a fun, sociable and easy form of exercise?
No partner needed, as anyone can dance with anyone.
All dances will be walked through beforehand.
Can you play the accordion, fiddle or guitar for us to dance to? Have you any folk dance music? Can you call for dances?

<< For more information, click the icon on the left.
This group meets on the 4th Friday of each month at 9.30am, in Collingham Memorial Hall. Members welcomed to join us. Please telephone or email Lesley Newnham for more information on 845773 , l.newnham45@gmail.com

Family History

Do you watch TV programmes such as ‘Who do you think you are?'
Are you interested in unravelling the secrets of your own family?

The group is a co-operative group with 30+ members, where ideas and experiences are shared, with help available from the leader who has had experience but who is not an expert. Additional members welcomed.
<< Click on the Link to read the Family History Group News page for coming events>>

The group meets on the first Friday of each month in the St James Church Hall, start time 10 am.
Jeff Britton Tel: 01423-358046 jeff.britton@btinternet.com

The Sunday Lunch group

Do Sundays seem a bit long?
Do you miss having someone to share a meal with?
Do you like to go out and try new places?
Do you like a chat and meeting new people?
The Sunday Lunch group will be meeting once per month initially on the second Sunday in the month, at 12.00 for 12.30pm. Venues will be discussed after each meeting and booking arrangement responsibilities will be shared by group members. The first few lunch meetings were a great success and enjoyed by all. Join us!
icon more informationYou can find more details about the group by clicking the icon on the left.

Lifts to venues may be possible by prior arrangement. Join us and have fun. Contact:- Velma Lazenby Tel 844304 velmalazenby@gmail.com

Walking with Lunch Groups 1,2,3 & 4

walking groupGroup 1 This active, friendly & informal Group meet on either the first Thursday of each month ( except January).

Each walk is usually between 3 to 4.5 miles long, lasting approximately 2 hours and the location is always within a 10 mile radius of Wetherby. The walk commences at 10.30am, usually from a Pub Car Park and afterwards all group members lunch at the Pub, to continue the friendship which has been established.

The walks are always interesting and relatively easy, with few stiles or steep inclines. Most walking is on bridlepaths and footpaths. During the last 12 months, different members have volunteered to lead/organise a walk & lunch.

The object all along has been involvement and to establish a friendly informal & sociable group, to meet new friends and discover new places in the Wetherby area. This has successfully been achieved, evidenced by the fact that there are now 50 active group members – although this does mean at present, that there are no vacancies to join the Group and a waiting list is operating.”

<< You can see more details about the group, the schedule of future walks and a diary covering previous walks. Click the image on the left.
Jeff Britton Tel. 01423 358046 jeff.britton@btinternet.com

Walking with Lunch 2

Informal walks up to 5 miles, followed by lunch.
This second group started in 2013 and walk once a month on the 3rd Wednesday and 3rd Friday alternatively. Members are expected to lead a walk from time to time.
This group is full and a waiting list now applies. For further details click the icon on the left or contact
Peter & Lyn Ibbotson 01937 587634 lynibbotson@hotmail.co.uk

Walking with Lunch 3 If you are interested in exploring the countryside around Wetherby and then enjoying a chat with other members over lunch at a local hostelry, please make contact with Philip Aindow. Tel: 0113 8058960 philipaindow@hotmail.co.uk
Walking with Lunch 4 The aim is to establish a friendly, sociable and informal group - a chance to meet people and discover new places in Wetherby and surrounding areas. Each walk will usually be between 3 and 4.5 miles, lasting approximately 2 hours - location where possible within 10 mile radius of Wetherby. A walk will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month - meeting at 10.15 am, usually in a pub car park, with the walk commencing at 10.30 am. The walks are relatively easy - mostly on bridle paths and footpaths with few stiles or steep inclines. At the end of the walk group members will have lunch together at the pub where they parked their cars. The group meets on 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Group Leaders Keith Kings Tel: 583868 kjk4000@btinternet.com and Peter Williams Tel: 583289 peteana@live.co.uk

Travel Talks

This is a group for anyone who is interested in independent travel and wishes to share their experiences and pass on useful tips and information or discover what others have found.
Members' travels cover most parts of the world and some fascinating places.
Meetings take place at 10am on the second Thursday of each month in the St James Church Rooms.
<<< Click the icon to download a review of recent meetings.

Group leaders: Glenys Pengilley & Rob Sharpe
Tel: 587522 email: alan-glenys@virginmedia.com or rob.sharpe@ntlworld.com

Creative Writing

Ever dreamed of being a successful author – of seeing your name on magazine articles or novels? The creative writing group will help you towards this goal by exploring a range of topics like:

  • creative writing styles,
  • approaching publishers and finding an agent,
  • improving one's written style and grammar,
  • writing articles for magazines,
  • writing a novel step by step
  • reading and examining short stories

The group works on an assignment each week, writing perhaps 1500 to 2500 words on an agreed topic. The following week we examine and critique the written work The group meets on the first and third Wednesdays in the month in Boston Spa at 10a.m.to 12.p.m.

We have returned to our desks, sun-tanned, wind-blown, eager-eyed for the count-down to Christmas. This is the time when stories turn darker, sharper and more focussed, a time when we write our best work. We have lost three members to new horizons and grandchildren pressures and have managed to recruit one delightful talented lady. Now we seek two more. They do not need to be Frederick Forsyth or to have worked for the OED, just have ideas:the rest will come as naturally as stripping seeds off a grass stem.

There are no pressures to perform, no homework to do unless you wish...and the biscuits are pretty good as well. Richard Newman. Sometime Chairman and certainly not Chairperson.
Group leader: Peter Baldwin. Tel: 01937 520110 zach2ary4@gmail.com

Poetry for Pleasure

A friendly, lively and informal group for Poetry lovers and those wishing to learn more about Poetry.
We explore the lives and poetry of specific poets, chosen by the group. Recently studied. Wilfred Owen. Maya Angelou. W.H.Auden
Sometimes we choose poems related to themes i.e.War. Humorous;The Seasons etc.
All very calming and good for the soul.
icon more informationFor more information, click the icon on the left.
We have a short waiting list.
Group Leader. Shirley White.
Contact details; 842972 email shirl27@uwclub.net

Cycling for Softies

The new season starts in March meeting weekly on alternate Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The rides all start and finish in Wetherby and a coffee stop is included on all our rides. We aim to build people's fitness and stamina from the beginning of the season by starting with shorter rides and building up to 14 miles.
An email will be sent out a few days ahead of each ride giving details of distance, route, starting time and meeting place. We plan to use cycle paths, minor roads, B roads and occasional A roads where it means we can complete a circular ride.
Interested? Drop Caroline or Ken an email or give us a ring. info. iconFor more information, click the icon or...
Contact Caroline Green for further details. carolinegreen54@hotmail.com ;
Tel: 01937 582810 or 07714287706 or Ken Brewer 01937 585424 or 07711 640 944 U3ACyclist@gmail.com

Cycling Medium Group

The Group meets weekly on a Thursday or Friday morning and follows an alternate Short/Long programme - click on the icon to discover more. The rides always start and finish in Wetherby, short rides are from 14 miles and long rides up to about 25 miles.
An email will be sent out a few days ahead of each ride giving details of distance, route, starting time and meeting place.
We stop for coffee on all the rides, which is an integral part of our group's enjoyment and gives us all an opportunity to get to know each other. We aim to build peoples fitness and stamina from the beginning of the season by starting with shorter rides and building up to 14 miles.
We will plan the rides to use cycle paths, minor roads, B roads and occasional A roads where it means we can complete a circular ride.
<< Click the iconfor more information.
Group Leaders: Group Leaders: Caroline Green. Tel: 01937 582810 or 07714287706 carolinegreen54@hotmail.com
and Ken Brewer; 01937 585424 or 07711 640 944 U3ACyclist@gmail.com ; Phil Thompson on philwendythompson@btinternet. com

Cycling – Medium Plus Group

The group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month cycling between 25 and 35 miles. A coffee stop is included, an important part of the social element of cycling. An email will be sent out a few days ahead of each ride giving details of distance, route, starting time and meeting place. Click on the icon for more information.

Group Leaders; Ken Brewer; 01937 585424 or 07711 640 944 U3ACyclist@gmail.com ; Phil Thompson on philwendythompson@btinternet. com ;

Cycling Extra (35-55 miles)

For more experienced cyclists...a spin off group from the existing cycling group. Typical trip will be 35 -55 miles. Meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month. Contacts: Ken Brewer on U3ACycling@gmail.com
Phil Thompson philwendythompson@btinternet. com


This established group meets at 10am on the first Wednesday of each month.
More details will follow here when available.
New members warmly welcomed.
Please contact the organiser: June Spencer Tel: 843950
Email: spencer_june@yahoo.co.uk

Literature Study Group

The Literature Group has had a very successful year. We have read a series of books, - so far all fiction, by authors of different nationalities and different decades. Starting with groups of French and African authors we have finished the year with four novels published within a 15 year period by four very different British authors; Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, Arnold Bennet and E.M.Forster.

We are about to embark on our next series; novels by American authors, including William Falkener, Toni Morrison, Philip Roth and F Scott Fitzgerald. We read one book a month and so far have been able to bulk borrow all our titles from the library.

We meet on the third Monday of every month in members' homes at 2.30pm . New members are welcome and warmly invited to attend a ‘taster session' of our lively, friendly and informative meetings.
More information click the icon on the left or contact Ann Lister at: elister@tiscali.co.uk or Tel: 584336.


Gardening 1

We are a group of practical gardeners who enjoy all aspects of gardening. From April to September we meet on the 2nd Monday of each month – usually in a member’s garden where we may discover a new plant, learn a new propagation technique or simply admire the handiwork of others.
We also consider garden design and planting combinations. Problems such as deep shade or an invasion of ground elder may be pondered but not always solved!
Gardeners like to share not only their experiences but also their plants and seeds and so the swopping sessions are very popular.
From October to March we join forces with Gardening Group 2 and meet on either the 1st or 2nd Monday of the month at Kirk Deighton Village Hall where we have speakers or practical demonstrations on a range of garden-related topics.
Contact: Barbara Local 01937 833549 or 07706 958823 barbaralocal@fairfield53.plus.com

Gardening 2

Our second U3A garden group meets the first Monday of each month in either a member's garden or in Kirk Deighton Village Hall. Meeting in a garden has given us the chance to talk about how it has developed, focal plants which are growing well and any problem areas or plans for future development. We also enjoy plant swaps and sharing our propagation successes.

We mainly share with group 1 giving us a bigger audience this allows us to have very good speakers. We have visited some local nurseries and enjoyed restocking our gardens. This group, in the true spirit of U3A, is very much self-help with many members taking an active part. There are over 25 members and so we are full, with a waiting list.

Click the icon for a review of recent activity.
Contact Joan Woodhall Tel: 520630

Green Group

The group is for those interested in Green Issues, with our mantra ‘Think Globally – Learning Locally’. Through our programme of monthly meetings and visits, the aim is to increase our understanding of sustainable living, looking in particular at local issues and projects which have ‘green’ credentials or potential. Whilst our starting point is climate change, our approach is more ‘hands on’ than academic.
We join forces with other local U3A group (eg Current Affairs) to invite speakers or arrange visits where appropriate and are in contact with U3A groups elsewhere, who share our interests.
We meet on the fourth Thursday each month from 2pm to 4pm at Kirk Deighton Village Hall, unless visits are planned. For more information, contact Lyn Parkin Tel: 842141 lyn@parkinmail.net or
Jillian Lawson Tel: 844858 jillian1981@talktalk.net

The themes that we have been covering in our recent meetings include:

  • Fracking
  • Renewable energy
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Sustainable housing
  • Flooding

We have also organised two open meetings to disseminate findings of our work on the local potential for hydro electricity and flood management in the Wharfe Valley; and given presentations on ‘Climate Change' and the ‘Role of the EU in protecting the Environment' to the U3A Current Affairs Group.

<< More details about the group and current work here .

Days of Special Interest 1, 2 and 3

  • Do you like to explore?
  • Are unfamiliar places and unknown topics fascinating to you?
  • Do you want to broaden your mind?

There is a great wealth of diversity in terms of places, buildings, industrial heritage, countryside and culture, available within easy reach.

The group meets on various days at different locations. You can see a more complete schedule of future visits by clicking the icon on the left.
Group leader: Pat Baron on 520165 baron.wetherby@gmail.com

Group 2 has space for a few more members. Outings take place monthly, on varyimg days, around the middle of the month. More details about this group, the planned outings and so on can be seen om the following page (click the icon).
If you are interested in joining this group, please get in touch with Christine Clayton christine.clayton479@btinternet.com
Tel: 01937 583496

Group 3 New members welcome.
For further details contact jmdu3adsi3@gmail.com

Table Tennis 1, 2 & 3

The table tennis group meets in the Methodist Church Hall every Monday morning between 9.15am and 10.30am.

Players know the rules of the game, how to keep score and are reasonably experienced.
A charge of £2 per person, each meeting, is collected towards the Hall & Equipment costs. Every member is expected to help in putting up the tables.
icon more informationFor more information, click the icon. Glenys Pengilley on 01937-587522, e mail alan-glenys@virginmedia.com or
Liz Minnis on 01937-581354, liz.minnis1504@gmail.com

Table Tennis 2 . This group runs on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30pm - 4.30pm in the Methodist Church Hall, Bank St, Wetherby.
For more information, click the icon on the left.
If you are interested in joining please contact the group leader,Julie Brooks on 01937 584573 or by email to juliekeithbrooks@gmail.com

Table Tennis 3- The group meets on Wednesdays at 1.45 in the Methodist Church Hall. More members warmly welcomed.
Contact Patrick Adler mail@padler.plus.com Tel: 543120

Walkers (5-7 miles)

This 5 – 7 miles group meets on the second week of each month, on a rolling day basis, thus allowing walkers to participate in other groups within the U3A. Members from within the group lead a walk, of their choice, having previously checked it out for number of stiles, gradient of hills, amount of mud (!!), cows in fields, all useful info for participating walkers and dogs! Walks commence from various locations
This group is not currenly operating.

Walkers Extra (7-10 miles)

For those who prefer to cover a bit more mileage - typically 7 to 9 miles. We try to align our walks so that they don’t clash with the other walking groups so it’s possible to do as many walks in the same month as you wish. We normally walk in the last week of the month on a rolling weekday basis, so the walks are never on the same weekday in consecutive months.

We currently have 50+ members, human & canine, not all of whom walk every month (imagine the congestion at stiles if they did!). << Check the walks diary on the link for details of all planned walks.

If you are interested in joining the group please contact: David Corns on 843027 or david.corns@talktalk.net , or David Mills on willowgarth7@btinternet.com or Tel: 01977 680424
NEWS PAGE. To see a record and pictures from some of our previous walks please click the image >>>>

Walkers Ultra (10-15 miles)

This group covers walks of 10 to 15 miles and meets on the first Monday of each month.
For further details and to register an interest in joining please contact Sue Howard on 581103 or email sehowarduk@gmail.com
For more information, click the icon on the right.>>

Bus pass walks

Shorter walks on bus routes. No cars involved, travel by bus, walk five or six miles and bus back to Wetherby.
No parking problems and no worries about finding the starting point of the walk.
Contact Marjorie Boorman, tadleyboormans@gmail.com

The Historical Walking Group

This is a group for those who like to walk in places where there are things of historical interest to see or hear along the way. Planned length of walk – typically 6 to 8 miles in the local area.
<<<You can read more about this group and their schedule of walks by clicking the link on the left.

This is a very friendly group. You are welcome to bring your dogs if you wish & we usually take a packed lunch. We also car share and make a contribution towards the petrol. New members are welcome to join us.
The walks normally take place on the 2nd Friday of each month. We leave the Linton Road car park at 9.30am.
Maeve Brook Tel: 572360

Computer Basics


laptop computer Book in advance. The course is ideal for those who have recently bought a laptop computer and an internet connection (your own home computer / the local library / relation or friend) and who want to become more comfortable with sending and receiving emails and with using the internet.
Each participant will set up an email account and we will use this to make you comfortable with sending and receiving emails, changing fonts, colours, adding or opening attachments, forwarding emails, deleting, saving and moving emails to and from folders and with building a contacts list.
Then we move on to the internet – accessing web sites, using search engines, refining searches, saving useful sites, copying information from websites to Word documents for printing. Also covered will be filling in forms online and looking at some popular and useful web sites.
House group: Five weekly sessions, meeting on Mondays from 10 to 12 noon.
If you are interested in joining, please contact me to reserve your place, as this is a small group with 1 to 2 tuition, so places are limited. << For more information, please click the icon on the left.
Mike Green Tel. 01937 582810 or email mjgreen1@btinternet.com  

Theatre Goers

At the Theatre Goers' Initial meeting it was decided that they would plan for four trips per year initially.
Two of these trips will be to more distant theatres such as Manchester, Newcastle, Stratford or London. There will be a small planning group assisted by other members. The range of productions will include, drama, musicals, opera, ballet, orchestral and perhaps the occasional comedy entertainer, together with some amateur dramatic performances so there should be something for everyone's taste and pocket.
If there is enough support both in arranging the visits and in the attendance at performances then the number of productions may increase.
Travel arrangements will be co-ordinated so that people share cars or coach and the group will meet up before the performance begins so that the group get to know each other and each trip becomes a social event.

<< You can read more details by clicking the icon on the left. The contact for this Group is Velma Lazenby Tel: 844304 email: velmalazenby@gmail.com

Historic Houses 2 & 3

If you enjoy visiting historic houses, admiring the architecture, furniture and paintings and learning all about the family history, this group could be just what you are looking for.
We are a friendly group who visit some of the many interesting historic houses within easy driving distance of Wetherby during the summer months. In the winter months we forsake the great outdoors and go indoors for four monthly meetings with relevant activities. You can read about this group by clicking the icon on the left. This group has an exciting programme of visits.
There is no set day for visits, the group meets at various houses mainly in Yorkshire.
This group is full (but see HH3 below)
Connie Fox 01937 587176 bev.con@talktalk.net
Sue Oxley 01937 585540 sueoxley99@hotmail.co.uk

Historic Houses 3 This group operates as HH2 above, visiting properties (mainly) in the Yorkshire area.. It is currently oversubscribed.
more information<<For more details, please click the icon on the left.
There is no fixed day of the week for the monthly visits. Group leader: Barbra Botterill Tel 0113 2886246 BJBotterill@hotmail.com


The group meets on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10-11am at Collingham and Linton Sports Association. Clean Sweep in the Yorkshire U3A Racketball Championships. Despite only being ‘born' last year we enjoyed remarkable success at the Yorkshire U3A Racketball Championships at Ilkley in March. Wetherby were represented in all three competitions. Liz Welborn, Connie Appelbe and Stephen Widdison all won their sections ensuring Wetherby left with all three titles. Stephen Widdison Tel: 07802 370995 swiddison892@btinternet.com

Singing for Fun

‘Oh! But I can't sing.'
Would you like to sing?
Do you want to sing just for fun with no pressure of performance?
Janet Stoney, who is very well known and respected as a Music Teacher and Musical Director, says,
Janet Stoney, who is very well known and respected as a Music Teacher and Musical Director, says,
‘If you can speak you can sing – what could be simpler? Everyone has the necessary bits but the physical proportions will differ for all of us, just like our body shapes. So, our voices are unique. Singing is an extension of speech and we can all move from the security of speech to a new way of using the voice which is singing. Our voice is an instrument which can be used by a group of people to have fun.'
This group meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, from 1.30pm - 3,00pm in the Town Hall.
<<For more information, please click the icon on the left or contact Janet Stoney:
Tel: 520801 Janet.stoney1@ntlworld.com

Art Appreciation

This group uses group member shared knowledge and research, visits to Art galleries with talks arranged by staff and occasional talks by a guest speaker.
The group already has lots of members, but there is space for a few more. The group meets on the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month at the Boston Spa, Deepdale Community Centre at 2pm.

For further information about the group please click the icon on the left or contact Sarah Raynar Tel: 585794 sarahraynar@btinternet.com or Mary Merkin. Tel: 584752 mary.merkin46@gmail.com
New members welcome.
Please park in the Wilderness carpark and walk across.
Cost: £2 per meeting to cover the cost of the room hire and refreshments.

Wine Appreciation Group

Sancerre or Chablis?
Where is the best Chardonnay produced?
How about oak aged wines?
Merlot? Cabernet Sauvignon? Shiraz?

This group aims to explore the main differences between wines, sampling and learning about them in sociable company. Sound like fun? Join us, exercise your knowledge, learn and teach others - and sample some superb affordable wines. This is a collectively run group where different members research into different wine grapes and growing conditions to provide interesting background information for the sampling sessions.

<< For more information, click the icon on the left. The group meets on the 4th Wednesday evening of every month at 7.30 at members' homes or in Kirk Deighton Village Hall.
Please make contact now, if you are interested in joining. New members welcomed. Ann Richardson Tel: 583505

The Shape of Things to Come --the "maybe soon " activities........

We are working on several ideas for new groups that may be viable for launch later in the year.
Here are some of them (Link).